Find out how to increase the impact of your research through enterprise, entrepreneurship and industry engagement.

UWA has a mission to drive social and economic development by translating innovative research outcomes to our wider community. Enterprise and industry engagement offers new opportunities to release the social and economic value of world-class research.

The ways in which university research is evaluated and funded is set to change to incentivise greater community and industry engagement. UWA IQ can help you explore opportunities to learn new skills, connect with mentors and collaborators, and enhance teaching and learning.

  1. Learn network and create
  2. Collaborate with industry
  3. Share the innovation journey with students

Learn, network and create

Events and workshops

Events and workshops

There are many opportunities to network with enterprising researchers and students at UWA and the wider start-up community. Browse upcoming events, workshops and courses.

Collaborate with industry


MO4U (Mutual Opportunities for Us)

Find out how to form relationships with leading local, national and international companies. Interdisciplinary teams of UWA researchers are already collaborating with industry partners including Hollywood Hospital, Anglicare, Woodside Energy, and PricewaterhouseCoopers as a result of the MO4U initiative.

National Innovation and Science Agenda

National Innovation and Science Agenda

Discover new funding opportunities to support research enterprise and industry collaboration, including continuous applications for Linkage grants. Find out more.

Share the innovation journey with students

Innovation and entrepreneurship offer opportunities to enhance teaching and learning by empowering students to apply knowledge beyond the classroom. Moreover, UWA students represent exciting potential collaborators. Many are already working alongside researchers on projects that require technical skills, such as 3D printing, coding and robotics.


BloomLab at St Cat’s

Our local student entrepreneurship hub operates out of St Catherine’s College at UWA. Bloom helps students put enterprising ideas into action, offering co-working space, workshops and talks and networking opportunities. Find out more about BloomLab.

UWA Makers

UWA Makers

Connect with an interdisciplinary group of students with skills in 3D printing, robotics and coding, who collaborate with UWA researchers to help develop creative solutions for their problems. Find out more about UWA Makers.

student innovators

Work alongside student innovators

If you would like to connect with innovative students to support a research or teaching project, contact us by email at [email protected].

Need advice?

Got an idea for an enterprising research outcome or industry collaboration and need some advice? UWA IQ can direct you to the right people, places and resources – inside and outside UWA – to help make it happen. Get in touch with us.