Our community

  • At IQX you are at the heart of everything that matters — the biggest discoveries, the newest ideas, the best minds, and the largest network of investors, funders and philanthropists in Western Australia.

  • Supercharge your business

    Starting your own businesses is hard. Growing that business is even harder. Through colocation at UWA, you have opportunities to work alongside some of the world’s leading researchers and student talent, and access multi-million-dollar facilities and infrastructure. As part of our community, you will also contribute industry insights into research, and support teaching and learning.

    Get inspired

    Creative thinking thrives in creative spaces, so we have designed a place that your bright ideas can call home. Whether you’re hosting talks by leading scientists, arts workshops, breakfast in the courtyard, music on a Friday afternoon, or working on deadlines into the night, IQX is your place for brilliance. Located on the edge of WA’s most beautiful university campus, on bus routes and near restaurants — there’s no better place to be.

    Unique heritage location

    The spectacular art deco Nedlands Park Masonic Hall was built in 1935 as the headquarters of the Western Australian Freemasons. The first floor coworking space retains many unique features associated with the Freemasons, including an elaborate throne area, floor artwork, mouldings and lighting depicting ancient masonic symbols and rituals. The ground floor of the building, originally a public hall, will continue to support community activity including innovation and enterprise training and workshops.

    Support for graduate- and alumni-owned enterprises

    The Masonic Hall is a heritage-listed UWA endowment property.  The rejuvenation project has been funded by UWA, with a significant contribution from UWA Convocation. We offer special access to UWA graduate- and alumni-owned enterprises.