IQ Academy

IQ Academy is a co-curricular program that gives you the skillsets, mindsets and toolsets to develop new startup ideas or accelerate into your career.

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Over 6 weekly workshops, you will learn how to turn an opportunity into an innovation, by forming inter-disciplinary teams, generating ideas, applying startup principles, and working alongside industry guests.

Each workshop will give you a new skill to apply, through hands-on activities and ongoing coaching from seasoned entrepreneurs. The final session will include a celebratory pitch evening where you will share your ideas and network with invited industry guests.

Who should join

IQ Academy is for students across all disciplines who want to develop a new idea for a startup, or join a team to work on someone else's idea.

The enterprise skills you will gain from IQ Academy will not only help you to develop your own startup ideas, research shows they also significantly boost your employability.

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Building enterprise skills through education and training accelerates the entry to full-time work by 17 months

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How you'll be developed

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    Practical experience

    Hands-on activities where you will apply start-up methodology to develop new ideas and progress live projects.

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    Mentorship and coaching

    From experienced entrepreneurs who are committed to developing your start-up skills.

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    Founder talks

    Founders from start-up hotspots like Silicon Valley and London will return to share their hard won lessons launching overseas.

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    Team formation

    With like-minded students from diverse disciplines.