Mutually beneficial collaborative relationships forged between UWA and leading local, national and international partners.

The MO4U (Mutual Opportunities 4 Us) initiative was inspired by the idea of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) – an informal and legally non-binding agreement between two organisations to work towards a common goal. Signing an MO4U with UWA demonstrates a commitment to working together to learn, create and innovate.

  1. Benefits for industry partners
  2. Benefits for UWA researchers and staff
  3. So exactly how does an MO4U partnership work?
  4. Case Study: Fleet Engineering
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Benefits for industry partners

  • access some of Western Australia's most innovative minds and cutting-edge technology to help optimise your business.
  • hard-to-solve real industry problems don't respect disciplinary boundaries–which is why our MO4U partnerships take a whole-of-university approach. You won’t be collaborating with a single faculty but with world class researchers across diverse areas.
  • increase exposure to student talent, enrich teaching and learning, and enhance recruitment

Benefits for UWA researchers and staff

  • joining an MO4U project is a great way to expand your networks within industry and engage with a range of external stakeholders, including business leaders, government departments, practitioners, and consumers.
  • collaborating with industry can help you increase the impact of your research, generate new research ideas, provide new sources of research funding and opportunities to enhance teaching and learning through industry engagement.

So exactly how does an MO4U partnership work?

UWA MO4U teams are currently working with a range of organisations–including private sector, government, not for profit and start-ups. Current partners include PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hollywood Hospital, Anglicare and Fleet Engineering.

Partnerships can take a range of forms, but generally involve problem identification and prioritisation followed by creative development of solutions based on research insights:

  • first, UWA representatives and industry meet to identify opportunities for collaboration and identify 'problems worth solving'.
  • then, the new partners work together to generate new and innovative solutions to these problems at 'hackathon' style events called 'Collaboratories'.
  • during the following six months, the solutions are then implemented within both organisations with the aim of increasing efficiency and finding unique ways to achieve successful outcomes.

Case Study: Fleet Engineering

Fleet Engineering

UWA students don’t need to go to Silicon Valley to work with innovative tech start-ups. We have one right here on campus. After signing an Mo4U with UWA, local tech start-up Fleet Engineering has been able to embed itself within our School of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE). Fleet benefit from exposure to cutting edge research and also by working alongside innovative students who can apply to join Fleet’s popular internship program. In turn their staff offer industry insights to UWA researchers and enhance teaching and learning by providing students with exposure to start-up culture and practice.

Find out more

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