Founderand CEO of Mapizy, Dr Mehdi Ravanbakhsh and Chief Technical Officer Dr PouriaRamzi

Founderand CEO of Mapizy, Dr Mehdi Ravanbakhsh and Chief Technical Officer Dr PouriaRamzi are an inspiration to start-ups everywhere.

A recent explosion in demand for image data and significant improvements in sensor tech and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come at a good time for newly established Computer Vision company, Mapizy.

The technology company based at UWA is developing some really innovative software to meet a strong global demand from a range of industries including agriculture, mining, natural resources and urban infrastructure projects.

Making use of satellites, drones, terrestrial and underwater platforms for data collection, Mapizy helps businesses monitor assets and changes over time that can better informed decision making and improve their performance.

With the new tech options available, data collection has never been so quick, putting Mapizy in the thick of it, at the right place, at the right time.

In fact, Mapizy is an inspiration to all start-ups everywhere as their achievements demonstrate just what can be achieved through an industry-university collaboration in a relatively short space of time.

Founder and CEO of Mapizy, Dr Mehdi Ravanbakhsh, also a UWA Adjunct Research Fellow, said partnering with UWA this year had helped his team to solve real-world problems with innovative technology.

IQ's Start Something

Participating in UWA IQ's entrepreneurial Start Something program unlocked a new set of skills for Mehdi when he learnt how to develop his business model, source investors and how to customise his product to meet specific customer needs.

Since completing the course and dedicating many hours to product development, Mehdi and his team have demonstrated an outstanding record of achievements through Mapizy.

Their software solutions have received technology awards by the American and UK Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, and they were recipients of the first honourable mention at the Talbert Abrams Award.

Computer Science Expertise

Examples of work Mapizy has supported includes fish counting and measurement in underwater videos, natural weed detection via drones, road surface condition assessment in 3D data and natural and sandalwood trees recognition.

Mehdi, who did his undergraduate study at The University of Tehran in Iran and his PhD in Geospatial Engineering, at Liebniz University of Hannover, Germany, says he could have chosen to work anywhere in the world , but the computer science expertise here in Australia was a strong drawcard.

He believes that in this time of digital disruption, start-ups can fill gaps that exist for industry. Luckily for Mehdi he has essentially turned a hobby into his lifelong work.

But as he admits, the road to this point personally has been a long one and with 20 years of intensive research and 50 publications under his belt, his industry clients are reaping the benefits from his applied science.

Inspiring students

Besides growing the business, Mehdi and his Chief Technical Officer, Dr Pouria Ramzi provide teaching support to over 50 UWA students and supervise 12 research projects in the Faculty of Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences.

Mehdi is keen to engage with students in order to enrich their UWA experience and inspire them to consider their own start-ups whilst at the same time sharing a practical experience with industry.

With growing demands from industry, the small team is looking to expand and students will be employed to join the company's journey.

Finding the right people to work with Mapizy is the next challenge but that pales into insignificance after looking back on how far they have come in such a short time.